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wild algae update

Update on my local wild filamentous algae.  I tried to harvest some local wild algae a week or so ago. My attempt was premature as the algae has not matured enough yet to get much algae. I find that the old growth that went thru the winter freeze cycle is still there, but is rotting and of no use.  It has broken loose from the bottom and is floating about the ponds and lakes. It has a thin veneer of bright green new growth on top that is misleading; giving the illusion that the entire matts of algae are harvestable,…

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A ready-mix solution to global warming - Nualgi

http://www.nature.com/nindia/2012/120731/full/nindia.2012.115.html  A ready-mix solution to global warmingK. S. Jayaraman The European Iron Fertilization Experiment (EIFEX) recently reported that dumping iron in the ocean stimulates algal blooms which capture atmospheric carbon-dioxide and deposit the carbon in deep waters when they die1. This has come as welcome news to Thothathri Sampath Kumar, Bangalore-based inventor and founder of 'NuAlgi Nanobiotech'.  "The most encouraging fact is the confirmation that the algal bloom that capture the carbon are dominated by diatoms," he told Nature India.  Diatoms are a group of algae that grow in any sun-lit, wet place on Earth. "Because of their abundance in marine…

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Photobioreactors as adaptive shading devices

Since 2009 Arup Germany has been leading a research collaboration with COLT International and SSC, a small enterprise specialised in hydrobiological processes. The collaboration is about the integration into buildings of photobioreactors (PBR). The poject is funded by the initiative ZukunftBau of the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development.

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Waste warriors is a group of professional Environmentalists engaged in creating a clean and green environment with social awareness. We are a group of professionals engaged in the business of Developing and promoting Products in Bio plastics and MSWM Systems , Alternative Energy Products and Systems, Energy efficiency,At source composting of organic kitchen waste and Recycling of all recyclable waste materials from homes,offices and industries including e-waste recycling and hazardous medical waste management. We would like to have your support in developing CDM Projects and work on developing actual  data on emissions management with respect to the benefits of a Decentralized…

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900 million barrels of crude to remain untouched in the Amazon

The Yasuni ITT initiative has been successful in collecting a sum of nearly $116 million to protect the 900 million barrels of crude oil lying beneath the Amazon Basin. This step will help in cutting down the carbon emissions which is estimated to equal the annual emission of a country like France. In addition this will also help in protecting two tribals indigenous to this region.  With 90 percent of the public in Ecuador, where the oil rich basin is located, supporting this initiative, the next step of the country would be in publicising the campaign.  

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Are we miss-managing the light on scaleup?

Hi folks, I am doing fine, spent today in our Iowa State Capital talking to legislators, and staff members of the governor and others.  Our Iowa Governor Branstad asked me to present my plan to our Iowa State Fair Board to power the entire fair with the waste streams coming from the fair.  Our fair runs for 11 days each fall, has thousands of head of various livestock in for exhibit and judging, and we have over a million visitors each year. That makes a lot of animal manure and garbage. We also spend a lot of money on electricity…

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New Technique Discovered to Help Harvest Algae


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Recycling - what is it all about?

Every responsible and sustainable Earthizen believes in Recycling as a very important part of Green Living so as to take advantage of already existing processed material to avoid the use of more resources and raw material. What many of us forget is that before Recycling, come the 2 other Rs - Reduce and Reuse. To Reduce is as important as it brings down the energy spent on production and also reduces the requirement of the resources that are used to produce the object.  Next comes Reuse - which basically prevents the need to recycle at all if an object can be…

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Renewable Energy Education with Science Kits

With the growing importance of alternative energy sources to reduce carbon footprints, and to promote sustainability, there has been a growing emphasis on the use of renewable sources of energy like Solar and Wind among others. A good way to instil a familiarity with these technologies among people is to start young, at an age where the curiosity to try things out become the best means to learning the principles behind the technology. With that in mind, an education company by the name of Fourier systems based out of Israel has come up with very innovative Science Kits to work…

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India's clean tech sector is attracting US, Europe and Asia Pacific entrepreneurs

India's clean tech sector is attracting US, Europe and Asia Pacific entrepreneurs   Lin is part of the stream of entrepreneurs from the US, Europe and Asia Pacific making a beeline to tap India's clean technology sector, especially the solar power industry. They have a captive market of nearly 100,000 villages in the country, which are yet to be connected to the national power grid, according to a World Bank report. "India is our next big play. If you have invested in Europe, your money is gone," said Lin, a former engineer at Apple Computer. His firm has raised seed…

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