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The iZone @ CleanTick provides an opportunity for the creative and imaginative genius in you. Whatever cleantech ideas you can think of, put them down here for the rest of the world to discuss and debate.

Recent Ideas

  1. tskusurkar
    Tskusurkar - 3 years ago View

    What if all the countries start producing polymer banknote?
    Australia is using since 1992..

    Plastic notes!!!
    Instead of producing ordinary bags... make currency...

    We can not totally abandon plastic as its a very useful invention, but we can at least divert its use...


  2. dineshgb
    Dineshgb - 6 years ago View

    We don't have to think of any genuine ideas to go green, its already green i feel it will be satisfying if we maintain the green by careful utilization of the resources.
    1. Switch off excess/unnecessary lights or other electrical instruments.
    2. Leave your computer monitor switched off when not in use.
    3. Try to use public transport as much as possible.
    4. Avoid asking for polythene bags.

    Remember, a change, don't happen over-nite, and it should start from u and me.


  3. azhagu
    Azhagu - 7 years ago View

    Solar Bike -
    We will Use Solar Bike instead of fuel bikes,Each Plastic covers of
    bikes are replaced with Small small solar panels .If we use like that we will save our earth from Pollution.....

    2 Comments - Solar PV,

  4. ps21
    Ps21 - 7 years ago View

    Integrated Microalgae Production with Family Farmers. In the farm or microbassin, with another rural producers. Water treatment, soil fertilization, animal and human nutritional supplement, biofuels. Water and soil conservation, economic and social opportunities of local development, mitigation & adaptation to climate change.


  5. rajesh1986
    Rajesh1986 - 7 years ago View

    Hi..cleantick..i just to want to share my idea..most indian hotels ,to pack one parcel of meal..use 5 to 7 polythene covers..so think how much polythene covers are used for one day throughtout whole india..if india hotels find anyother alternatives for polythene covers..we can save our earth


  6. sudhanmaddy
    Sudhanmaddy - 7 years ago View

    HI Cleantick ... Itz actually been quite some time I'm active back . The idea that I propose maybe so technical but it exactly means what it has to ... All energy in Earth can be changed from one form top another but can neither be created nor be destroyed , and so what will happen if we try gaining back the heat energy from GREENHOUSE KING CARBON DIOXIDE ...


  7. rajesh1986
    Rajesh1986 - 7 years ago View

    In India most people use only traditional tungsten filament bulb.The electricty required to illuminate that bulb is more compared to compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).But the Cost of the CFL lamp is 10 times more than the tungsten filament bulb.So Poor people Can't buy it. CFL producing Companies can try to reduce the cost of the CFL bulb by innovating new cost effective Technology


  8. narsi
    Narsi - 7 years ago View

    Stoves that generate electricity from waste heat

    Here was a cool cleantech idea I was fortunate to learn about. I met a company from Brazil that had come to India. They have developed a stove BMGLux - http://www.bmglux.com.br/

    This stove can use firewood like many stoves especially in the rural areas, but it does two things that make it more clean:

    1. It ensures that the soot does not escape directly into the atmosphere, thus does not affect the health of the person who is cooking, and
    2. Interestingly, it uses the waste heat from the stove to generate electricity. Essentially, it does this by combusting the smoke that comes out to generate steam that runs a small turbine (perhaps a stirling engine), which in turn operates a generator to produce electricity.

    In India, over 70,000 villages (and tens of millions of villagers) do not have electricity, but at the same time use biomass such as wood as a fuel for their rather unclean stoves. This could be an ideal solution for them...

    1 Comments - Biomass Power Production,

  9. narsi
    Narsi - 7 years ago View

    Solar panels on caps make it cool when hot - this is not an original idea, but something I have seen elsewhere. Essentially, you have a small panel on your cap, and a small fan as well driven by the panel. When ever you are outside in excellent sunshine, the panels provide the power for the fan to run and keep your head cool. What's nice about this idea is that when it is hotter the fan runs faster, exactly the way you would want it.

    While the idea is a cool one (pun intended), right now the product I saw was clumsy and could do with a good amount of improvisations and design and other touch ups.

    I would invite folks to suggest ways to finetune this idea further.

    2 Comments - Solar PV,

  10. arunpillai
    Arunpillai - 7 years ago View

    Why don’t we save the waste water from washing machines.. to be used in toilets - we don’t need “clean water” to flush down waste, do we?

    2 Comments - Domestic Wastewater Treatment,

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