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How much algae would i have to collect to obtain say halfa lite algal oil?

How much quantity is required in obtaining atleast half a litre of algal oil and what are the strains of algae that i should search for in ,my part of world Kerala.. and anybody can help me identify the strains that are actually useful in my region?


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2 Answers

  1. donmichael 6 years ago #

    I believe that with the research taking place within the labs around the world the best strain of algae is going to continually change. There are so many uses for different types of algae that its more practical to try and find out where you want to apply the algae first.

    Say you want to scrub the emissions from coal plant... The first thing that needs to be assessed is the types of nutrients that are available from the combustion of that particular type of coal and then choose and algae that best fixates those nutrients in that grow region for optimal growth. Then the all the possible types of end product from each strain needs to be assessed. The desired end product should be chosen based on proximity to end use. If you're going grow algae next to a coal plant what is the point of making bio fuel when the plant itself would rather burn biomass???

    I suggest that instead of trying to make bio fuel next to a coal plant we just grow the algae strain that grows best from those emissions and in the grow region that the plant is located. These factors can help us form a list of algae species that grow best in these conditions first. Then after running some test of each kind of algae, the strain that produces the most BTU per pound in the least amount of time and energy should be chosen and not necessarily based on how much oil can be extracted. We should be looking to bring the cost down enough to compete with coal so we can sell the biomass to the coal plant for direct use in the existing coal firing infrastructure. Growing the algae for direct on sight use is way more cost effective than growing algae that must be dried then separated only to be processed into the various products and then shipped out. By the time the products reach the shelves the built in cost of drying separation and transport make the product too expensive for market.

  2. tskusurkar 6 years ago #

    hello sree,
    this is a very common question come in everyone's mind..
    let me clarify little...

    i give you one example,
    lets consider botryococcus strain of algae which has 50% of oil content.
    if you want to get half litre oil then you will need almost 1 to 1.1 Kg of botryococcus biomass.
    note that this is just an example..

    you may find botryococcus oil content ranging from 30-70%
    And there are different algal species which have different oil contents.

    there is lot of literature available on web for identification, but for that you must have something in your hand to start with. get it first.

    Best of luck.

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