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  • Does anyone know any other "cleantech" sites that pick up news on the innovation front, news on science behind algae or other sources with information i can take a look on? Feels like cleantech is a bit dead for a 18 year old dude like myself =)

    in Biodiesel Algae Fuels Jatropha Biodiesel Biomass to Liquid Oil and Cleantech Global Warming and Climate Change Sewage Waste Management Agri Waste Management Recycling Gardening Sustainable Homes and Communities Biopolymers and Bioplastics Cleantech Education in Colleges

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    • Narsi 5 years ago

      We have a section at CleanTick called CleanTick Feeds, where we automatically get blog post feeds from over 100 popular cleantech blogs http://www.cleantick.com/feeds Many of the blogs here could be of use to you, not to mention the aggregated feeds themselves

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  • Videos are the best way to demystify and create awareness about cleantech, claims this post - http://www.cleantechms.com/cleantech-strategy/video-and-cleantech/

    Do you agree?

    in Cleantech Education in Colleges

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    • Kyzyl 6 years ago

      Itzurkarthi, Why I have to support this video or not. I'm supporting all ways that lead to green world. We are speaking about videos as "the best medium for cleantech understanding". The online representation of the simple examples gives the wide way for people's attraction, as minimum attraction of their attantion to the problem. The discussion and sharing oppinion between spectators inside and outside social nets is the second stage. However, for this stage should be prepared deeper examples of information about different cleantech applications that, in turn, support flashes. The simplicity of the short flashes (videos) has back side - probable misunderstanding. This video has features of ads but many persons reject ads. Secondly, many people speak about green world but do not support attempts to change something in the life for reaching clean technology, e.g. research from 2greenworld has showed this: many words no actions. Eventually, where from born idea that cleantech is radical and should be softened.

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