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  • Are there any emerging, highly energy efficient technologies / concepts that are commercial or nearly commercial for desalination of water, other than reverse osmosis (or which is a variant of reverse osmosis)?

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    • Kyzyl 7 years ago

      @venusk, Some things in this method are stopping me to say yes. 1. The brines effluent that are directed into the sea. According Everest description it is highly concentrated brine. Initial water has 35,000ppm, received fresh water ~500 ppm of salts. Due to stated productivity it means 55,000 ppm in brine. 2. Stated productivity of fresh water is 12,460 kg/h means ~12cbm/h. Stated power consumption is 220kW means 18kWh/cbm. Is it energy effective? 3. Warming + 7CC usually colder level means changing of usually environmental surrounding. 4. The presented method has been patented in many variations, but not by authors of Everest.

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    • Rajshekar 7 years ago

      Even this mechanism appears to be an active transport of solutes and hence demanding for energy to operate against the gradient.

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