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  • The joke about hydrogen energy is that it has been "just 25 years away" since 1970 :-) . Is it the same fate for cold fusion, which promises phenomenal benefits, but no one is yet to see even a prototype, leave alone commercial models?

    What do you think?

    in Nuclear Energy

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    • Kyzyl 6 years ago

      @Rmenian, A terrible situation with evidential base in many directions of science is. The scientific discussion, which had place in journals, has died. You are right; each scientific statement should be inspected despite on where it was made. The best results will be obtained when experiment will be reproducible in different labs. But commercialization of science rejects wide discussion. The main step is patent submission and second one, receiving revenue from it. Do you know that you can't represent the results of experiment (theory) if you want to receive a patent or you should represent it in reduced form without “spices"? This situation you could be observing in many cases. The last Cold Fusion presentations proved it. Of course I can imagine this "mixture". The simplest example; N- plants are “pure energy source”.

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  • in Nuclear Energy

    • Rajshekar 7 years ago

      Definitely it is a potent,revolutionary alternative source of energy to coal and crude oil based fossil sources in reducing global emissions,even better than hydroelectric power plants where water source is scarce and demanding a heavy investment of space and currency at the initial phases but it raises serious concerns on biosafety,global security and technological basis.The radioactive materials also have a limited availability from earth to generate electricity on a global scale and hence affordable only to developed nations.However when implemented with caution it will greatly satisfy the energy demands.

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