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  • All right, you could say I take a high moral ground while asking this question, but there it is.

    I am a strict vegetarian by choice, and my preference is guided primarily by ethics ("killing animals when they don't harm us is wrong"). But I am here not to discuss the ethics of vegetarianism (which I will be glad to discuss on My Desk), but the sustainability of being vegetarian.

    Apart from the obvious greenhouse gases increase owing to the large number of cattle population because of non-vegetarianism, there could be other aspects that hinder a progress to sustainable world.

    So, being vegetarian is not only ethical but also makes the world more sustainable. So, why isn't the world not turning vegetarian? Is it because they cannot control their taste buds? That sounds like such a crime!

    What are your thoughts?

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    • Zinedineomari 5 years ago

      There is nothing wrong with killing animals to feed ourselves, because this is what they are created for. Our bodies need vegetables as well as meats.

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