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    • Bharathiramani 7 years ago

      There are a handful of companies using windmill-like turbines to capture the untapped energy in tidal streams, bays and inlets and convert it to electricity. But these projects tend to be huge and expensive, and require permanent installations that can disrupt marine life. The system is based on a much different design, enabling it to access energy that regular water turbines can't. Rather than using blades, it produces power when the current spins a drill-shaped device called an auger, which has tapered ends that don't harm fish. Instead of using gears to drive an attached generator, a hydraulic pump in the nosecone pumps high-pressure oil to turn a generator outside the water. The arrangement lets the turbine capture energy in shallow waters, and to tether to bridges and other structures so that the auger is relatively easy to lift out of the water for maintenance. Whereas most bladed turbines need at least 30 feet of water to operate, while this turbine's smallest units need only 10.

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