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Cars Capture Solar Energy in Chilean Desert

Cars Capture Solar Energy in Chilean Desert

No need to worry about finding a gas station on these desolate roads. This car fuels up on sunshine while members of Universidad de Chile’s team ready Eolian 2 for stage two of the Atacama Solar Challenge in Antofagasta.

The car’s name references eolian processes, through which winds erode, transport, and deposit materials to shape the earth’s surface—especially in arid environments.

The first version of the Eolian car competed in 2007 at the World Solar Challenge in Australia. At this year’s edition of the race, the second-generation sleek design was the only entry from a Latin American country. Although Eolian 2 placed 22nd in a field of 37 in the Outback, the car finished second in the Atacama Desert.

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5 Responses to Cars Capture Solar Energy in Chilean Desert

  1. narsi 5 years ago #

    Ummm, where's the car? Or is that a stupid question?

  2. divyajeychandren 5 years ago #

    that is the car ! or at least that small dome like projection above all those panels is where the driver sits..

  3. narsi 5 years ago #

    Cant figure how someone could sit inside that dome, as its height appears to be very low - you can see that it is only knee high

  4. divyajeychandren 5 years ago #

    here's another picture of the very same Eolian 2. This view shows that the car has more height than shown in the previous picture. and there seems to be someone manning it.. its probably something to do with the angle of photography or something in the previous picture..


  5. narsi 5 years ago #

    Yeah, I agree this appears a more ride-ble and sit-able car

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