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Justin Piccillo

Industry Professional, Old Bridge, United States


Recent graduate of Rowan University with a B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering. Prior to my graduation, I was heavily involved in research concerning the use of algae as a feedstock for bio-diesel, both at Rowan University and University of Delaware, and have presented my work at several professional conferences. Since graduation, I have begun work as a Project Engineer for E&LP.

I am interested in
I am highly interested in sustainable design; particularly in the areas of city planning and the development of technologies that will propagate the feasibility of sustainable energy sources.
Looking for
  1. Job and career
  2. Research partnerships / collaboration
  3. Useful contacts
  4. Business association / partnership
My thoughts about green
Under Graduate

B.S. in Civil & Environmental Engineering, Rowan University, 2011

Post Graduate

Project Engineer, E&LPA, Inc., Clinton, New Jersey, U.S.

Work Experience

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