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Kyaw Kyaw

Industry Professional, Yangon, Myanmar


I am Mr. Kyaw from Myanmar.\nResearcher & Engineer of Water gas(HHO) research & Production for IC Engines last 5 years.\nNow We have a NGO gruop of GReeN PLANET Consultants Group in MYANMAR.\nAlso Our group (MRES-Myanma Renewable Energy System) in here ,product of HHO gas Kits & Machine to Sell.\n\nThanks & Have a nice day!\n\nMr. Kyaw\nSenior Researcher & Engineer,\nGReeN PLANET Consultants,\nMRES-Myanma Renewable Energy System

I am interested in
Research & Production of Water gas(HHO) to IC Engines,\nStructural Design & Consultants for Earthquake Retrofit Technology in Myanmar
Looking for
  1. Research partnerships / collaboration
  2. Business association / partnership
My thoughts about green
Under Graduate
Post Graduate
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