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REaction 2012 - Worlds First Action Oriented Renewable Energy Meet

REaction will be India's most important renewable energy meet, to be held in Chennai, Jul 26 and 27, 2012. With the theme being the future of renewable energy - future technologies, future business models and future business opportunities, REaction will focus on actionables. A key component of REaction will be its emphasis on meetings. To this end, we have developed REaction Online, the online community for all REaction delegates to interact with each other even BEFORE the event. This will ensure that the delegates are able to have very productive physical meetings during the event. REaction 2012 will feature over 20 sessions, among these three unique networking sessions, 3 showcases, 15 speaker sessions and 1 exciting video session. REaction 2012 will get about 2000 delegates from all over the world, with over 500 large business houses from the Indian corporate sector expected to attend. Also expected are companies from around the world with cutting edge technologies and innovations in renewable energy and cleantech. If you are interested in knowing the future of renewable energy and would like to meet the experts who are shaping this future, be sure to be at REaction 2012 - Jul 26 & 27, Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India http://www.eai.in/reaction2012 - http://www.eai.in/reaction2012

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