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Narasimhan Santhanam

Industry Professional, Chennai, India


Cofounder of CleanTick, and keen on making my small contribution to make our world more clean and green.

I am interested in
algae biofuels, cleantech strategy, solar
Looking for
  1. Research partnerships / collaboration
  2. Useful contacts
  3. Business association / partnership
  4. Financial assistance for research
My thoughts about green

Look forward to the day when green becomes a way of life

Under Graduate

B Tech from IIT Madras

Post Graduate

MBA from IIM Calcutta

Work Experience

I have about 15 years of work experience, six of them in renewable energy and cleantech. Prior to co-founding CleanTick, I had been in consulting, sales and industry research positions. I also started a dot com company during the .com boom and started a popular search engine for India…

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