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Pannirselvam Pagandai .V

Academia, BlG/Q6/ap102, Brazil


y name is Pagandai Vaithianathan Pannir Selvam and I am from little village Pagandai on the bank of the big river Ponnai , near Panrutui , in the state Tamil Nadu, near french Pondicherry , next to the beautiful green state Kerala, India.\n\nI like ecology , chemistry ,mathematics and studied Engineering in \n\nChemical (B.E)-Annamalai university ,TN,INDIA.(1970-75)\n\nBiochemical(M.E)- Annamalai university ,TN,INDIA.(1977-1977)\n\nAmbiental(PHD) -IIT DELHI,New DELHI,INDIA.(1977-1983)\n\nEcological (Pos DR) ,NEERI, NAGPUR .INDIA. (2001)\n\nI enjoyed my Annamalai universitys days. I loved Nataional Service Sheqem (NSS)work and worked as Leader ,and I was Active in Social Network as the Sarvodhya study Circle and NSS \n\nAfter UNIVERSITY ,I started my careeras a RESEARCH WORKER in biochemical engineering with IIT DELHI . In 1983, I joined BRASILIAN BIOFUEL FROM CASSAVA AND BIOMASS /CNPQ/UFC .external link - which was a nice and small firm then - to work on fuel ethanol and biodesiel development in BIOENERGY technologies. My RESEARCH PROJECT also was Animal Feed from Biomass waste . In March 1993, I joined UFRN -Federal univesristy of Riogrande state , Natal city , Brasil as university professor and the research group leader . As an Integrated Bio Systems developer and consultant based on the ecological engineerig and Super Pro -Process software simulation tool expert in the past 20 years.. Since April 2002, I work for the the small scale enterprise for the food, fuel, feed ,fertilizar and the natural products ,in BRAZIL as well as the Federal university of Riogrande Norte , Natal , Brazil, South America.\nOccupationResercher and professor

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