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Penny Histed

, Petersfield, United Kingdom


I am an artist ... average person, interested in acquiring a smallest-possible electric car (ideally which would fit through my front door or back gate) Parking is a huge problem now but in the countryside public transport is not sufficiently well planned to be of any real use. I am fast approaching my 60s and would appreciate being able to carry shopping home in the rain going forward or being able to make journey to the coast with least possible impact on the environment and dont feel properly safe on a bicycle.  I am also keen to do what I can to become in alignment with caring for our home as inspired by Satish Kumals Soil Soul Society and The Resurgence Trust www.resurgence.org

I am interested in
Extremely narrow electric/hybrid vehicle which could fit through the front door of an average house
Looking for
My thoughts about green
Under Graduate
Post Graduate
Work Experience

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