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CleanTick aspires to be the world’s largest and most effective online marketplace for everything cleantech.


To be the most effective online platform that makes the world clean and sustainable

Value Proposition

A comprehensive, effective online platform & marketplace that facilitates diverse stakeholders become aware of, learn, and adopt clean technology and sustainable solutions in their lives, homes, communities and businesses.

Who Will Benefit from CleanTick?

Anyone who is keen on one or more of the following:

Specifically, the following sectors will derive focussed benefits

What is the current status of the CleanTick platform?

The CleanTick platform is currently under development, and will launch in Jan 2018

Thank you for wanting to know about us!

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Narasimhan Santhanam

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CleanTick is a platform to make clean technology a reality. By being a part of CleanTick, you can

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