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About CleanTick

What is CleanTick and why should you care?

CleanTick is an online network for those interested in clean technology and renewable energy.

CleanTick provides clean technology and renewable energy industry professionals a focused platform for knowledge sharing and interactions. The platform is divided into over 100 topics that provide specific forums for questions and answers, and for collaboratively working on the critical challenges in cleantech.

What is the goal of CleanTick?

The aim of CleanTick is to be a catalyst in facilitating the progress of clean and green technologies, by enabling people to solve problems collaboratively.

Our dream is to mobilize and involve millions of people around the world to contribute to cleantech using CleanTick. To start with, we are keen to mobilize clean technology researchers and industry professionals at one place.

How does CleanTick plan to accomplish its goal?

Cleantech is a vast domain, and those interested in cleantech belong to diverse segments - researchers and scientists, businesses and entrepreneurs, students, and media.

Appreciating both these, CleanTick has categorized cleantech into over 100 specific topics - together these topics constitute the entire cleantech domain. To begin with, the platform is geared towards satisfying research and knowledge requirements of researchers and industry professionals. Over time, the platform will provide tools and features that can be used by the rest of the segments.

Such a customized platform suited to the needs of specific segments will make the key segments and stakeholders in cleantech worldwide to congregate at one place, interact, share, learn and initiate action.

What are the main sections at CleanTick?

CleanTick has two key sections

There are other non-core sections at CleanTick that members might be interested in. These include:

  • Page - Create pages on topics of interest and keep the world updated
  • Profile - Maintain a comprehensive profile here and show the world how green you are
  • Project - Showcase any cleantech or renewable energy project you are working on right now
  • Portal - Get to know the prominent news and happenings in cleantech, from news items chosen by our editors
  • CleanTick Feeds - Get to know the top cleantech blog posts and tweets from the top experts in the world, all in one single section

About CleanTick Q&A

Ask? Answer! Explore...

Cleantick Q & A is the most sought after destination to engage in clean technology discussions. It is the ideal platform for people to ask and answer questions on Renewable Energy and beyond, on over 100 specific topics.

So, while you are here, why not ask a question or share your knowledge in an answer?

About CleanTick Challenge

Clean and green technologies are still not commonplace, primarily because there are a number of critical challenges that need to be overcome. The CleanTick Challenge section lists these critical challenges and invites the experts, researchers, inventors and enthusiasts to collaboratively find solutions to these challenges using this section.

Why should you care about CleanTick?

Well, it doesn't really matter if you don't care about CleanTick, but I'd request you to care about cleantech. If each and every one of us starts caring about making our world clean and green using cleantech, there is every chance that we will have a more stable and secure world some years from now.

Take care, and all the best.

And should you need any more information about CleanTick or wish to know more about our team, do write to me at the email address provided below.

Narasimhan Santhanam
Cofounder, CleanTick
[email protected]

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